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Optimize Your Webpage By Query Deserves Freshness

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If you ask me what is QDF, I will tell you it's an indispensable topic you should know to do good SEO performance for your website. QDF in seo world stands for query deserves freshness. Although it's no more a fresh topic, however it's still quite important for the algorithms of aspect search engines. It determines if the search query would be better served with a more timely result - if it's from a blog, a tweet, or something of the like. Search Engines love living and breathing sites, not to mention Social Media, so expect this love to keep on growing.

Recently Google's freshness update has placed a greater emphasis on returning fresher web content. That's quite crucial for certain queries. Of course there are some guys who made efforts to explore how Google determine freshness. There are also a great many related analysis of original Google patents. Although the recent Freshness Update received a lot of attention, in truth Google has scored content based on freshness for years.

It is known to all that in 2003, the engineers at Google have filed a patent to American government  that would rock the SEO world. The patent is named Document Scoring Based on Document Content Update. And in the patent , it is provided an accurate roadmap of the path Google would take for years to come. Many of the algorithmic changes we see today are simply improvements of these original ideas conceived years ago by Google engineers.

I'm sure you must wanna know how Google determine the freshness of page? Let's say the freshness of a webpage. Actually a webpage is given a í░freshnessí▒ score based on its inception date, which decays over time. That means the newer the page, the fresher the page. And also the original the page, the fresher the pae. This freshness score can boost a piece of content for certain search queries, but degrades as the content becomes older.

Considering the basic rules for the freshness of pages, you are expected to optimize your website according to these basic rules of SEO, will you?

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