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Adopt Google Analytics In Daily SEO Work

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With the fast development of SEO, more and more SEOers have adopted Google Analytics in their daily SEO work. Of course there are many more useful analytics, and Google Analytics are the leading analysis tools in our work. Every website should have some form of analytics in place. You need to know how your site is performing on the web, whether it is good or bad. With a better understanding of these statistics in mind, I'm sure you could take timely adjustments to build on those strengths and fix all weaknesses. Without analytics, you're clueless.

You will be informed with these data of the analysis. Let's say the CR of your site. CR means conversion rate. To do optimization of conversion rate is quite crucial for the overall sales increase. Nowadays CRO is all the rage, and the idea is shocking that site owners haven't looked into increasing conversion rates sooner. I say, stop focusing on rankings so much focus on conversions.

Here let us neglect SEO at the beginning part, have a look at the social media. I'm sure these social media have formed a large part of your visiting sites, will you?  Everyone loves Social Media, including myself. Look at those famous social media, google, twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc. Google is the most important factor for generating traffic, but Social Media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are not only great for additional traffic, but also helping your site get indexed faster, getting content spread over the web at a scary pace and continuing the conversation. Whatever users are searching for, they're likely discussing it in the social world.

Of course social searching is also one of the main part for SEO work. We will discussed it in the following page. Be tuned!

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