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First Part: What Is Useful SEO Ways?

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At the begining of SEO on the websites, there are a lot of illegal ways to increase backlinks ways, they are called as  í░black hat SEOsí▒ who have spammed the internet with garbage for í░SEO purposes,í▒ to the belief that SEO is all about Page Titles and Meta Tags. Actually that's not true, there are a great many useful ways in doing SEO.

If you are doing back link for your website, you should bear one guideline in your mind that the more relevant your backlinks, the more quality the links will be pointing to your site. That will surely increase your site ranking in search engines, and increase your Google Page Rank. That's for sure! Regarding my personal experience in such area, my website have verified this rule. The best links are those that include keywords in the anchor text and those that are naturally achieved as opposed to paid. There are some great ways to build links, but require time, patience, creativity and a site with great content that will earn this respect.

And right now you must get to know that a great site is the preliminary of the overall marketing strategy. Of course you should and must have a great site, or the results won't be good. Let's say only if you have attracted potential customers to your website through backlinks, when your website have a bad or not quite good content, the users won't stay long at your site. And they will think your site not good and they won't come any more. All that will induce the search engine to think your site are not relevent and your ranks on search page won't be high! Make sure you have everything else in place before spending your time and effort with link building. You need to have a great site first.

As we talked above, you should pay special attention on Local seo service. It is a major player in search engine optimization. Suppose tomorrow is Valentine's Day, you of course wanna order fast delivery of red roses for you girlfriends. What will you do? I guess most of us will search on google for local rose stores. It's a good idea to have a customized Google Places page and to look into some of the Local Business Services available. According to the statistics, the Mobile industry is growing and 80% of smart phones will have GPS by 2011.

Limited by the length of article, we will talk the following SEO ways in next articles, pls stay tuned.


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