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Select the Right Targeted Keywords From One Real Case

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Today we will talk some useful tips when deciding the targeted keywords for your websites. Now let's look at one example from our customer's inquire.

As we all know SEO is an efficient way of online marketing. You could apply SEO to sell your products, services, concepts, or whatever you wanna sell to people. For those company who have SEO services on their companies' websites, they wanna make their money worth, that's true. Every business man wanna their targeted keywords could be the top3 positions on the searching page. Last day I've received one inquiry on seo project on en.trueland.net .

And it follows like that : "... i plan to export handbags from Hongkong and chinese producers over a website xxx . i want to be on TOP 3 positions for this keywords handbag wholesale handbags wholesale purses wholesale purse wholesale bag wholesale bags wholesale and also if u twist the words........like WHOLESALE HANDBAG, what would be the price?...how u realise the ranking?..."

I can understand that every company expect the professional seo services company they hire could get their targeted keywords on the top places of the searching page. They usually set the targeted words from their products they sell. We could not say this is wrong. These keywords are not exact, or we can say the range is too wide. The targeted customers usually will search more exact words, such as wholesale leather purse, etc. But if you insist to do the previous words we could say the cost will be a lot and a long operation time followed as well.

However, most of you expected to get the results as soon as possible, i guess. We could also provide you a series of targeted keywords with high search volume and relatively low competition degree. The price must be economical compared with your previous words. Trueland could do some adjustments to cater to your needs. We are committed and convinced to offer professional SEO services for your project.

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