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Google and 302 Redirect, What's the Relationship?

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We have introduced some basics about SEO 302 redirects in our previous articles, however, the policy of google on 302 redirects changes very frequently and you will find that it is difficult to track. Frankly speaking, the action of Google to the 302 redirects can even ruin websites. A 302 redirect is usually implemented on a web page that requires to redirect search engine spiders and users to another web page. It is implemented using a .htaccess file or a server script. It can be indexed by search engines and it is also the preferred option for most website owners who want a particular URL to be displayed and linked as a different URL on search results. How about the relationship between Google and 302 redirect? Let's have a look.

As we have introduced above, the policy of Google towards the 302 redirects changes very frequently and it is difficult for us to track actually. Well, the policy changes are in reaction to a new technique that is used to give one website an unfair advantage. The goal of Google is to ensure the level playing field. However, its reaction to traffic-generating tricks can knock out genuine users of the same technology as collateral damage. Well, 302 redirect is very sensitive actually since the web address's performance will be altered with the hazards of a sudden policy change on this topic.

Generally speaking, all the links that point to the website will break if the website or webpage moves. And the browsers contact the web server holding a required page, giving the path and file name for the page. However, when the page has been moved, the only answer can be given by the web server is that the website does not exist any longer. So, when the users search for the website, the answer is the same.

The web browsers store the new address of a permanent redirect and substitutes the new address whenever it is asked for the old address actually. Or in other words, the old address is no longer valid actually. And the old website or webpage will not gain any recognition in Google of a visit. The Google ranking of a permanent redirect attach to the new address. However, in a temporary redirect, the original file is not touched but the second file at the new address is accessed. Google notes the temporary redirects against the target site when Google notes the visitor against the original address websites could advertise themselves as a popular site, redirect to the site, giving the visitor the page they though they were getting, but the hijacking site would get the visit logged against its score.

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