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Do You Know How to Track 301 Redirect?

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As we have introduced in our previous articles, SEO 301 redirect is mainly used to tell search engine or browers not to look at the content of the website or webpage and it will direct them to go to a new permanently-located website or webpage actually. There are many tracking methods, however, they don't work with a 301 redirect for some reasons. Here we will give you the method which can help track 301 redirect actually.

Generally speaking, a 301 redirect is really an efficient way to redirect a user from one resource on your website to another. It can redirect browsers in a high speed. However, it will make it difficult to load traditional tracking script. Hence you are advised to edit your PHP file to do your tracking work before the 301 redirection occurs. 

A 301 redirect is an extremely efficient way to redirect a user from one resource on your website to another. Unlike slower redirects, such as meta refreshes, a 301 redirect sends an HTTP 301 header that immediately tells a browser to redirect. This immediacy makes it difficult to load a traditional tracking script, which normally exists within the body of the document. You can edit your PHP file to perform tracking events before this 301 redirection occurs, making it possible to check errors and debugging problems in your code.

In order to edit your PHP file, you are required to do the following preparation work. First of all, open the start menu and type "notepad.exe" without quotation marks into the search field. Then click the "Notepad.exe" from the search result listing. And open your PHP file which includes the 301 redirect. Then type error_log on the line immediately above 301 redirection. Replace text with the text that you will write to your web browser's error log file. Last, click "File," then "Save" to save your changes.

Now come back to the question on how to track 301 redirect. Here are some simple steps actually. First of all, you are advised to sign into your tracking system. You should look for a feature which can allow you to append tracking codes to the end of a URL. And it should be labeled "track 301 redirects" or something similar.

Second, you should append the generated code to the end of the destination URL.

Third, set your 301 redirect to send users to the appended URL.

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