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Paid Search Engine Marketing or SEO? Which One Will You Choose?

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There are varied tools and ways to do online marketing. Sometimes it's really hard to do search engine marketing as paid search engine could sometimes transfer many targeted traffic to our sites. Therefore the balance between SEO and Adwords is really hard to say. Each method of online marketing has its own merits and drawbacks, so here is a quick guide to both processes and the inherrent benefits, of each.

Let's have a look at paid search engine marketing:

Can be paused during busy times reducing costs

Very targetable by location suiting local businesses

Ideal for testing the market prior to an SEO campaign

Suits businesses with a small budget who want to scale their business over time

Can be used to generate revenue to finance an SEO campaign

Instant marketing within an hour or two of set up

Can be an expensive route to market unless managed very carefully and set up efficiently

Lower conversion rate from Ad to click as Adwords are perceived as less trustworthy than Organic results

Then, let's have a look at SEO:

Long term cost savings when compared to Adwords

Provides a constant stream of traffic whether you want it or not

Ideal for national high traffic search terms

Not an instant route to market

Up to 8 x better conversion rate from Google through to your website

Suits SME's with a marketing budget who are looking to build a long term authority presence online

Let's say if you are a small start up with limited budget, I do suggest you guys to do Adwords campaign as it is a controlled, cost limited route to your potential customers.

And of course if you are more influential and determined and wanna have a constant online presence, you could start at SEO. That's quite helpful in keywords optimization. Of course in this way the influence won't last long. In the short term you may want to consider an Adwords campaign in order to drive initial sales, but this can be scaled back and turned off as your SEO keywords begin to deliver traffic.

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