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Google Webmaster Tools Is Must For Google SEO

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Wanna rank your site efficiently at major search engines, let's say Google, Baidu, Bing or Yahoo? Each search engine have their own webmaster tool and you could submit your site to them. You could also add an xml sitemap telling them where your pages are and what importance to give them. That's quite important for seo your website, as the data is crucial for your site.

Webmaster tools could also pay importances to areas where your site wanna they paid, including the load speed, dead links, coding errors, duplicate content etc. As long as you wanna your site to rank well, you should pay special attention to these areas and make sure all of them run well.

Some guy may contend that webmaster tools are costly and they hard to handle. On the contrary they are free and a must tool for website seo services. Webmaster tools accounts are easy to set up, and adding and verifying your websites is straightforward, you just need ftp access to your site so that you can either add a metatag to your home page, or add a verification file to the root directory in order to prove your ownership of the site.

As long as you have set up an webmaster account, you could easily  have the detailed informations on backlink information, load speed data, and much more that will easily allow you to maintain your sites performance.

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