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How URL Redirection Can Affect SEO

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    When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad, and that is my religion. - Abraham Linoln. That sums up how I feel about Blackhat SEO and some of the techniques employed in redirection. Using Wikipedia as a reference to keep this simple, some methods and uses for redirecting domains and traffic are explained. 100 free emails with your VericalResponse trial!


    301 and 302 Redirects

    The most important redirect for SEO is the 301 or 302, when you move or remove a page domain either permanantly (301) or temporarily (302). The obvious need for this in keeping search rank is not letting the search engine find a 404 when a page no longer exists, serious mods are going on or the domain is moving. One cool senerio is during holidays when you want custom graphics and content for an event, holiday or occasion. Instead of uploading a new replacement page, then reuploading the everyday page, you simply redirect traffic with 302, letting the searchbot know the change is temporary, don't drop my other page, it's coming back. It's been our experience that keeping the old file in place, which keeps the date of when the page was last uploaded to the server improves it's reputation with sites like Yahoo. There have been mixed results, mostly negative, if a temporary page replaces the current one, then the current one replaces the temporary, making the older content look like a new page again because of the time and date the server shows when you could have used a 302 and maintained the last updated time and date. Basically, aging for a page and content can be important.


    As a side note, 302's can come in handy if you need to replace a poorly seo'd page name with one that reflects the keyword or phrase and you want to test it. If it preforms better, you switch to a 301 and life goes on. On the 301 side, you are telling the bot that the other page is history, don't go there anymore. An evil use of the 302 is called cloaking and without explaining how, let me just say that plane fare is in a savings account for the next time someone bumps our pages with our own content. moving on...

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