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Another three suggestions from the seo experts

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In last article,we have got two suggestions from seo service experts in China. Well,the article will continue the suggestions from these Chinese seo service expert. Read carefully if you are interested in seo skills. 

Website operation user behavioral factors. In it specifically pointed out that the user, the user in the conversion of web stay, jump out rate, exit rate, according to the data index baidu to judge the quality of the web site's ranking, never influence. Before us an article about "search marketing 2 d theory about my understanding", I mentioned the user behavior will more and more influence the website SEO, the user behavior is what decision, of course, is website user experience to decide, a web site only provide a good user experience, the high quality content, so that users can like website, can be very good use of the site. Current baidu products or Google product will have corresponding tracking mechanism, in addition to the flow of baidu statistics and Google analysts outside of the gogole adsense code, for example, all has the tracking function, the future flow search engine will increase the flow of investment, on track to improve your search engine ranking. The more recent SEO to the promotion of the SEO to and UEO (user experience optimization) together, this to the electronic commerce kind website especially important, don't just to pay attention to those big flow of the key word, it is more important to focus attention on the precise target key words, combined with the user experience optimization, so that users can done smoothly in your web site registration and shopping process. Conversion rate become numerous pursuit of electronic commerce SEO is one of important index.

Reflect the trust of information website through website optimization services. This is a lot of, in website webmaster ignore the bottom "about us" and "contact" and so on the main information, this also is take website gradually the brand is very important step, you know, now network security concern of many people, a web site even the basic way to contact all have no, will make this website trust, so to a website lost contact, such as adding online QQ, the prosperous, E-mail and phone contact, head of the address. And the development history of the website, including the mission and other information. Website Moreover, this kind of trust is also manifest in the style of the site, the design of the website, highlights the brand sex, tell the search engines, you not only for SEO and SEO, but a pay attention to its own brand high quality content of the construction of the site. Some interactive information, user's comments also website trust the information they need.

And the static and dynamic website to grab is there a difference. SEO industry has been in legend, search engine to dynamic web site to grab ability not good, the static baidu SEO optimization guide "points out, the perfect solution has been good this and, at the same time, baidu, we try to minimize the dynamic suggest URL contains variable parameter, besides can shorten urls, more can reduce baidu spider into a" black hole "risk. Illustrate a show that, complicated dynamic web site has to some extent will also affect the website, collected and grab page ranking. So proposal can static or static, static short URL, static do URL standardization. If the head of the website is currently use dynamic web site also need not worry about is, as long as the site is not particularly complex of that kind of, to the search engine spiders crawl have basically no influence.

Others are a lot about SEO information, for example, the standardization of your TITLE, the URL of distribution, web directory and some bread crumbs navigation, video class, to the recommendations of the website for the influence of mechanism, the information SEO is very worth to study. Make a contact with Shanghai Trueland if you are interested in us.

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