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The commerce analysts the seo optimization guide

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As we all know that the biggest search engines in China is Baidu. Baidu is Chinese adsense flow sources of most of baidu search engine, so the dynamic is every webmaster are very care about, the baidu officials issued the "seo optimization guide, is also the first time the public some real baidu some content of seo service. Seo industry before and something basic about the same, and later in the club from baidu some common problems, it was worth a read the webmaster. According to the situation here, I read the I think important place alone and share with out it. Here are some suggestions from experts of Chinese seo service.

Use the opportunity will not affect. Baidu SEO official guidelines made clear, no influence, as long as the website in China access speed of normal, site access speed affect not only user experience, the more will affect the search engine to grab situation, in "the new record system, personal webmaster to be" for the United States, South Korea, Hong Kong host host host made a comparison, the speed of the host South Korea than America host and Hong Kong to host a lot faster, mainly because South Korea's per capita bandwidth abundant, away from China and South Korea, is nearly in east China's shandong province nearby. Baidu said, also more eliminate the webmaster to use overseas opportunities will not affect the search engine optimization, and whether the concerns of overseas, and the web site has only about speed. The server for the influence of the factors SEO, the most good of course is independent of the high-performance server, but best for most of the cost of it, the webmaster burden, virtual mainframe is currently resides in the first choice, as long as the website speed stability and security, the host of the influence factors would not, because most of the webmaster and you are using the same virtual host.

Strengthen the brand concept. Many web site to simply get flow for the purpose for SEO, you can see small website, the new web site in recent years more and more difficult to obtain flow through search engines, the reason is very simple, the lack of brand management consciousness, web site now the Numbers are so expansion, search engine to the high-quality web pages to recommend to the user, some long-term operation, and form their own brand of web site will be more and more popular, even if your field is very small, but your website long-term business down, and in a certain area has certain popularity, the website pay attention to its own brand building, in the search engine will send a good flow foundation. So my blog has been emphasized, SEO is for the web site the services, not for SEO services, when web users to your website, your web site to be able to catch the user, let him be your faithful visitors, let he registered your web site users, let him buy your web site service. As long as such an iterative process, the website SEO, just to be meaningful, the website will gradually highlight brand.

Of cause there are others things we should know about the professional seo service in China. We shall learn together in next article. You will never regret choosing Shanghai Trueland since you can see the result we give to your site. Make a contact as soon as possible if you are interested in seo.

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