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Consider these if you want a high quality website

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A good website is always loved by both users and search engines. Then how to make the site loved by others? Here there are many things you should consider about if you want to have a good result. Well,let's explore them one by one.

1. Avoid graphics in text.

As we all know search engines are not good at reading text in pictures. They are getting better at it but I think that it will always be problematic, especially when it comes to busy graphics or non-standard fonts. So for now, and the foreseeable future, it's a good idea to keep your text outside of graphics. You also have to consider the user. Some users search with images off or the small screens of their mobile phones. Text in those graphics may be difficult or impossible to read. If the content is worth reading then it's worth ensuring that it is in the most readable format.

2. Think users before engines.

Think more about the users than search engines. The search engines don't buy from you, they don't write comments, and they don't retweet your message. People do. The search engines only want what people want so give the people what they want and the search engines will, in most cases, reward you for that.

3. Write enough content.

The content is very important about a website. How much content is enough? Only you know that. You need to write enough content to make the points you need and no more. Each visitor needs a different amount of content to read in order to be convinced. don't leave anybody out.

4. Target phrases not words.

People always search for phrases instead of searching for words. Knowing what those phrases are is essential to writing content that speaks to your visitor's desires. The phrases also put the words into context and give meaning to what the visitor is really searching for.

5. Don't force it.

Write you content naturally and never force to add something into your content. Don't force anything if it just doesn't work. If you're trying to work in phrases that are not a fit for the page, then move those phrases to another page. If you're trying to produce content that will speak to different kinds of visitors, don't be afraid to break content off into other sections of the site such as articles or tutorials. This goes back to writing for the visitor. Meet their needs first and foremost and don't try to force anything that doesn't work.

If you have made all of these mentioned above,i'm sure your website will be not bad. Maybe it has a poor rank now,but believe it or not,it will change sooner or later. By the way,the site is professional talking about skill of seo. If you have any questions about us,feel free to contact us.

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