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Some important things about Chinese seo you must know

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In today's society,more and more people are intersted in Chinese market. If you want to do business in China,there is no deny that you need to have a detailed understand about Chinese needs. How to learn about needs? You can ask for the help of Chinese seo service company. In order to find the most professional seo company,there are some important things about Chinese seo you should bear in mind.

1. When it comes to Chinese seo,you need to know the two main search engines. They are Baidu and Google. In China,there are 280 million internet users in Chinadoesn't include Chinese-reading internet users in other countries or in Hong Kong). About two-thirds of Chinese use Baidu and Baidu is the hottest search engine. Google has about a quarter of the market. At present,more and more people also like to use Google instand of Baidu.

2. Baidu plays a very important role in Chinese daily life. People like to find the answer which they don't know from Baidu. In addition,in some ways Baidu soe is different from Google seo.  In other words, Baidu places less emphasis on link-quality and more emphasis on link quantity, Baidu doesn't heed the nofollow attribute and Baidu reads the keyword meta tag. Of course,there are some ways which Baidu and Google are the same. For example,Both Baidu and Google filter search results to remove offensive content, including pornography and politically-sensitive content.

3. You can download free music and movie from Baidu,but Google can't provide this kind of service. But we must admit that Google generally provides more accurate Chinese search results. Therefore,Google users tend to have a higher income than Baidu users. Of course, Google has higher usage in the Eastern coastal areas.

4. In China,forum is very active and a lot of young man like to publish their comments in some big forum sites. Forums are more valuable source of links in China as forums are still immensely popular and forum moderators tend to be more lenient on link posters as long as the content is somewhat related to the forum topic. Therefore,you don't ignore the importance of forum,if you want to make success in China market.

If you can understand more information about professiona Chinese seo,it is very good for your China business. China has a proverb: Know the enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat. Therefore,it is very necessary for you to have deeper understanding about Chinese culture and needs.

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