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6 important tips you should keep in mind while building website

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If you are intending to build a website for yourself,there are some professional seo suggestions which you must keep in mind. With the help of these tips,you can build an more attractive site in the shortest time.

 First of all,the first thing you should take into account is the choice of domain.  Website owners should choose a domain name thats relevant to or even contains the search engine keywords the site targets. For example, a Shanghai seo service company hoping to capture a share of the website service market could register the domain seo service, or should at least consider finding a way to include seo in the domain name.

Second,the digging of keyword is also very important,and you should learn more knowledge about keyword research. The Google AdWords Keyword Tool offers website administrators an invaluable tool for researching and choosing which keywords to target. This tool allows users to find out how frequently a set of keywords (and a number of other related phrases) are typed into Google and how much competition there is for each keyword or phrase. Ideally, site administrators should look for phrases with high search volume and low competition.

Third,pay more attention on URL Optimization. We all know that each web page has a URL or address, and search engines crawlers take note of them. Rather than having randomly generated page URLs or numbered URLs, site administrators should include targeted keywords in each pages URL.

Fourth,it is very necessary to know some information about Social Media Promotion. Search Engine Marketing Service are growing smarter about social media and including social media related metrics in their site ranking algorithms. Site administrators should establish Facebook,LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter accounts (as appropriate) that promote and link to articles and other content on the main site.

Fifth, Link Building is indispensable in the process of website building. The more links a website has pointed at it, the more popular it will become among both users and search engines. Website owners and administrators can build links by finding partner sites with which they can collaborate, participating in online forums and social media sites, submitting online press releases, submitting articles to online article repositories, creating YouTube videos, and submitting comments to news and editorial sites.

The last,you maybe will ignore it,which is Natural Language. It is also very important when it comes to new website.  While its true that spamming keywords in a website could once improve a sites ranking, thats no longer the case. Content writers should include targeted keywords where appropriate but should not try to artificially inflate the frequency of target keywords. If a pages keyword density is such that its likely to make a typical reader cringe, then its probably too high for search engine crawlers as well.

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