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Search Engine Optimization Strategy

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    In many cases, a Search Engine Optimization strategy dictates changing quite a lot about a website to maximize it for both rankings and for users.  We can help with this process by creating subdomains, developing microsites and landing pages to drive targeted traffic, implement blogs, and redirect any number of domains properly to your main site.  We have a staff of engineers with extended SEO knowledge and a direct line to you through your dedicated Project Manager- we can make what needs to happen, happen.


    SEOP employs more than 150 talented and highly expert Internet engineers, corporate marketing specialists, SEO strategists, copywriters, social marketing gurus, search strategists and award-winning designers, so you can depend on us for world-class programming, strategy and content.


    A very common tactic for SEO from more unscrupulous companies is to have multiple domains or multiple versions of the same website posted throughout the World Wide Web. This seems on the surface to be a viable strategy for search engine optimization, however, this is a tactic thatí»s frowned upon by the search engines. This tactic is often seen by Google, Yahoo! and Bing as spamming, or muddying the waters of the search engines results pages. 


You arení»t supposed to compete against yourself, and your site can also incur a substantial duplicate content penalty for re-using content.  One of our goals will be to identify any mirrored versions or "scraped" versions of your site- this is an important first step, and just one example of the extensive SEO strategy considerations SEOP will take when addressing your campaign.

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