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How to Create A Search Engine and Visitor Friendly Website?

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The design of website is of great importance to SEO. Frankly speaking, search engine optimization is a process of improving the way in which a website is ranked in search engine results. There are many efforts can be done to create a search engine friendly website actually. Generally, creating a search engine friendly website is not an easy and small task. Well, which kind of website is search engine friendly? A search engine friendly website should be created or designed with the consideration of visitors or the potential consumers actually. Only when you create a website with the consideration of the user experience and the search engine crawling habits, can your website be friendly to both search engine and visitors.

Well, how to create such kind of website? Here we will give you some suggestions. First of all, you are advised to do effective keyword research. As you may know that both keywords and the developed phrases or long tail keywords or phrases are very essential to search engine optimization. Well, these kinds of words are search terms that the visitors type into search engines when they are looking for their expected products or services. So, if you can do effective keyword research, you can get the higher traffic since people may find your website if they search the corresponding or related keywords or phrase in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Next, you are advised to optimize your landing page and metadata. Ensure that there are keywords in the page titles which are shown on the top line on browsers. The landing page is where consumers arrive on the website as a result of a search. There should include a number of your keywords within the text. In order to attract your consumer's attention, you can also add keywords to your videos embedded on the landing page to help improve search engine results.

What's more, site map is also important if you want to create a search engine and visitor friendly website. A good site map can give an acess to both search engines and the visitors to find the access to your website more easily and conveniently.

Links are also very important. There are in-site and external links and both of them can be used to increase traffics and optimize your website. Also, there are social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on. Social media are very popular among people in all over the world. And you can incorporate social media links and buttons within your websites and link back to your website from your social media profiles. This can be regarded as another method to create a search engine and visitor friendly search engine.

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