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The Benefits of SEO Technical Optimization

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As we all know that there are various kinds of SEO techniques which can be used to optimize search engine and your website. Here we will give you a brief introduction to the benefits of SEO technical optimization.

1. URL optimization: The more simple the URL is, the more easy it will be remembered both by search engines and users, and more seay it will be grabbed by search engines.

2. Domain name space server optimization: You are advised to use the independent IP space server which will not be influenced by the any negative factors from outside.

3. Flash, image code optimization: It is conducive to enhance the opening speed of website. This kind of optimization will be more attractive both to users and the search engines.

4. Website reflux setting: The unobstructed website reflux set can not only allow search engines to crawl more websites and webpages, but also allow the users to get more valuable content.

5. Site map optimization: The website should include all pages of a website since search engine will visit the site map first when visiting a website. The search engine can get the access to all the content in your website.

6. Website dead link processing: Search engine spider will leave your website if it visits a dead link page. So, you are advised to remove the dead links.

7. Traffic statistics system: Check the traffic, sources, keywords and other data to guide the SEO direction to get the best effect.

8. Add Baidu share: Include Sina microblog, QQ zone, Renren, sohu microblog. These kinds of social media platforms are very popular among consumers and we can take advantage of the platforms to get more traffic.
9. Set title and Meta in each page: Set title and meta contents in accordance with the theme of each page to make it easier for search engine to determine the theme of each page. The distribution of keywords in each page will be better to enhance the overall site keywords ranking.

10. Call the latest news to each page: Both search engines and users love the fresh new content. It can help to improve the overall keywords ranking if you update your news with the latest news everyday.

11. Call the latest news to Home: Home has the most high weight and it is of great value to search engines. The search engine will tend to crawl your website daily if you can update the latest news to search engine.

12. On-page keywords link setting: The setting can make it easier for search engine visit more pages via visiting keywords, which is better for enchancing keywords ranking.

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