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Word-of-mouth marketing

MicroBlog is short for the Micro blogging or simply means the one sentence blog. You can make what you see, what you hear and what you think into one sentence (No more than 140 words), or just send a message, or share it with your friends through computers and mobile phones.

>> Micro blog marketing definitions


Micro blog marketing is a new kind of network marketing style. With the heat of the micro blog, relevant kinds of marketing ways more have born. That is the so called the Micro blog marketing.


Micro blog is the pulse of the earth. The American Times has speaking highly of the micro blog

>> The personality of the micro blog

1.The personality of the micro blog

Send the message within 140 words and easier than the blog

2.Diversified platform

Support cell phone platform

3.Spread fast

4.Quick returns

>> The direction of the micro blogs content construction

1.The official micro blog

2.The official micro blog of the business leaders

3.Customer service micro blog

4.Product micro blog

5.Marketing blog

>> The micro blog marketing technology resources of the Trueland

1.Content planning

2.The major resources of the micro blog marketing

3.The ways of promotion

4.The theme of promotion

5.Micro blog custody

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