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Trueland establishment, service customer more than thousands of cases, the following cases are taken from the part of the service customer list, in no particular order. Meanwhile, we will not regularly update the list.

Our service achievements for thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises also get the favour of China's famous enterprise, many famous brand is and I signed long-term agreement. Our service widely involved: dress shoes bag, sports equipment, electronic digital, toys and gifts, adult things, LED products, household decoration materials, more than 80 kinds of industries, can combine industry and enterprise features, provide specific integration solution, the case for details, please click the following brand understanding.

  • YUYAN(http://www.yuyan-refrigeration.com/)

    Business types: stick + baidu optimization ranking

    Market scope: global

    Weeks: 2 years

    Main products: fabricated complete sets of cold storage equipment

    Changzhou jade yan refrigeration equipment factory is set the cold storage equipment design, new product development, product manufacturing, engineering complete, the post-sale service, the technical consulting is a body comprehensive enterprise. With 15 years of manufacturing experience, strong team of engineers, the products are sold well in more than 60 countries worldwide each year, more than 3000 sets of exports. Changzhou jade yan customers in the end of October 2010 ShangZhou signed the contract, after the promotion, web site keywords ranking stability in front, traffic has grown steadily, and in summer showed significant improvement, reached a peak value, enquiries and message also performs well.

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