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Shanghai Trueland Information and Technology Co., LTD. set up in 2005. Mainly focus on the innovation and integration within the technology, product and service.Having become one of the leading integrated network marketing providers in China. Trueland take the "integrating network resources, technology driven marketing" as their......

We provide the Internet marketing planning, media planning and implementation, creativity and production and the evaluation of advertising effectiveness and website optimization service for the clients. We analyse the cases according to client events, and combined with the nature of the event, the characteristic and the elements in order to satisfy your needs. We will serve you with the most professional team, and we have the clients of varies fields: from the IT industry, real estate to luxury and retailing.

The Trueland service system as the professional seo service company in the process of the development and improved step by step. This system take the company enterprise culture as the basic. we advocate the concept of take the clients as the center. The essence of the service system: advanced concept+ professional team+ efficient platform. We devote ourselves into provide our clients with the most replica efficient, professional and satisfying network application technology services.

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